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EV-4GEO Envirolog data logger with LogTag Online software

Our Software

The EV-4GEO cellular logger sends the message (data) immediately upon recording based on the configured Data Upload/Storage Interval. By default, it will send the message roughly every half hour.

If there’s no 2G or 4G cellular network available, the data logger will store the recorded data and send the buffered readings on the next Data Upload/Storage Interval (reading) if and where cellular network is available.

It will also send data immediately when the light sensor is triggered.

Computer showing a map of the location of a specific Envirolog data logger

Access Data Anytime, Anywhere

Our software makes your data easy to view when you need it. 

  • Data is processed into easy to read lists, map and graph points.
  • Download all data in PDF and CSV formats for easy viewing.
  • Download the LogTag Mobile application below to view data.